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Wealth Steps®

Wealth Steps is a company-sponsored financial wellness program that introduces employees to essential personal finance concepts from a unique balance sheet perspective. It’s a learning experience that can have a powerful effect on financial decision-making so participants can achieve a higher degree of control over their lifetime earnings and overall financial picture.

The step-by-step approach of Wealth Steps shows you the simple logic and the ideal order of financial decision-making that guide you toward a solid financial future with clarity, confidence, and security.

Wealth Steps benefits both company and employee

Wealth Steps

Combine the power of non-traditional planning and uncommon knowledge into a seamless, turnkey solution for financial balance.

Discover, Learn, Take Action.

Wealth Steps is a customizable, turnkey program that offers:



Series of customizable, in-person and/or web-based workshops supported by automated communications.

Content tailored to benefit any group or segment of employees



Participants get access to a secure, private, confidential website and receive a personalized scorecard.

Interactive learning tools, videos, articles, and other valuable resources.



Access to a complimentary, one-on-one consultation with a professional Wealth Steps specialist.

Ability to meet with a financial professional in-person or via the web

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